Sher D Fly

Sher D Fly
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I am a free-lance writer. I write just about everything - for fun and of course to earn some money.
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You'll be surprised that there are bizarre themed restaurants in some parts of the world which offer visitors incredibly weird dining experiences, reminiscing several modern history's darkest chapters with chilling reminders of hardship, war, differences in political ideologies and ge...
You will be surprised that some of today’s bread products and pastries were inspired by interesting historical events that you may not know.
The history of English language traces back thousands of years ago. The English language has brought in influences of other languages through Britain’s history of world trade, overseas exploration and expansion. One of the many languages that had spiced up the English language is In...
Everyone will be surprised that the DC Comics and Marvel Comics had created most of these gross superheroes with rather weird and disgusting superpowers.
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