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I am a Veterinary Medicine student and currently residing here at Baguio City, Philippines. I am a local model of small companies.
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What to do to achieve success? it is everyway of your life, just look for them.
“Life is neither a good or or an evil, it is simply the place where good and evil exist”- SENECA
How often do we hurt our mother and we realize we are wrong when it is too late?
a mother feels more than the way her child can ever feel
Beauty doesn't reflect what's inside of a human's heart. Beauty just like money can be a source of evil.
The heartbreaking truth that we never knew or sometimes, we never care about them
Whether you have a history of cancer in your family, or are currently battling the disease, lifestyle factors, including your diet, can make a huge difference in helping you fight off cancer. Some foods actually increase your risk of cancer, while others support your body and strength...
a column that affects a relationship. Why does it really so hard to say "I love you Sometimes"?
groups of people we barely know. THey are the people of the Cordillera region of the Philippines.
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