Bhalchandra Matere

Bhalchandra Matere
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I am from INDIA.
Writing is my passion
Which increase my impression.
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Business is to be built up with brains and not with hearts.
"Don't be serious, be sincere."!!Enjoy your life sincerely.
First Tram and Metro ran in the city to make records of the time.
[i][b]Konark,Odissa[/b][/i] the place which face the Sun first in India
I really feel sorry for those poor artists.We can not reward him big but at least we can help the poor in small sharing of [i][b]money from our pockets[/b][/i].
you'll actually look forward to the drive back to the home and your next trip with your family.
Be careful to do things in time to save hard efforts and loss in future
Parsley is known as best cleaning treatment for kidneys and it is natural abilities!
When my daughter asks me something, I have been very polite in answering.
The only beauty in bollywood industry which is lost in heaven.
Friendship is the process which acts through out the life
Anonymous fingers are only appropriate fingers to wear WEDDING RINGS.
My poetry ,my feelings,my trust in god encourage me to write.
A poem from my heart which will touch to your hearts on this Friendship Day
Journey to success is a hard work of developing yourself.
I live life in my way and my Ethics, you may go for some other of your own...
Tribute to that true painter who never got any media attention
Life is full of thoughts and hopes, But finds no direction and grip of ropes!
This is the love express and expression of love from our dear one's.
God has created the beauty and beautiful things to enjoy and respect.
Poetry about love which ends in sad manner,but real love never ends.
Very useful information about MAKING SYMBOLS along with your key board.
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