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I am a stay at home mom.I am also owned by 2 cats! I enjoy writing about life as it happens as well as putting things into perspective.
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The only thing left to do was retreat into the past.The world was dying,the population had been fleeing for years. Yes science had done a good job of informing the governments that an exodus was needed.
To rent? To buy? Hmm what are the pros & cons of renting v. buying a house. I rent. I like the idea of renting a house, I take care of the property the owner pays the taxes.
When mother nature decides to have a tantrum,are you ready? These are just a few tips to help you get prepared & be ready for a natural disaster.
Deltona FL is a young city yet it is an old city. Named for two of the major towns in Volusia county Deland & Daytona, it was a planned out community as devised by two brothers by the name of Mackle.
A headache is bad enough, I mean it might mildly disrupt your day,but migraines are the worst in my opinion. I can feel one coming before it hits. Light begins to hurt,sounds is nauseating,then the throb begins.... oh God just kill me.
There are real places where you can earn money using your computer & in your pajamas! With a little effort you can make money from home.
I am a firm believer in reading.I read,my children both read.Books can be a great way to spend a rainy day,or relive history, but books can also be costly. My solution? The local public library!
A clear, cold morning.My first space launch! I had been too young to watch the rockets launch when we landed on the moon.The shuttle would be my memory of the whole race into space.I couldn't wait to see one go up. I got more than I bargained for this day.
The Hotel Putnam is located in beautiful downtown DeLand in Florida.Locals claim it is haunted by at least two ghosts.For anyone who wants to visit, I'm sorry to say that the hotel/apts operations will soon be gone.
What do you say when out of the blue you get a friend request from your parents? On facebook of all places!
Trying to help people from 1918 adjust to life in 2010 wasn't going to be easy.They had never seen television,a computer,and space travel was only a fantasy story in a dime store novel.Perhaps the most incredible thing was the fact that hemophilia was not as deadly now as it had been ...
Dealing with separation is hard on anyone but especially hard on children.My son is at the age when a boy needs his father,to help him get over the hump of approaching adolesence.
For most of the 1970's KISS was the band to follow! They had a look,and a sound all their own.Front-men Paul Stanley & Gene Simmons took their dreams of "the band we always wanted to see onstage" and turned it into reality.
Trying to get a straight answer from the Govt.,is not easy.All I want to do is switch my direct deposit from my old bank to my new one.Also why the heck should I be required to push "1" for English? If you are getting SS or SSI then you should be a : citizen who speaks English! Am I r...
Just a few stand-out thoughts from the year just about gone.
A child learns that snow can be "dry", & Santa lives in the next town.
When the president signs it into law later this week,the repeal of Don't ask Don't tell will be a reality.
The trials & tribulations of being a parent.From teething to teens.
One early morning excursion down a beautiful flowing river.The early morning fog, the gators sunning themselves on the bank,and birds of every description.
A few of the inane things our parents told us as we were growing up.
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