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Rev. Abby Jo
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I am an ordained minister in my 50s. My ministry is online. I practice meaningful written dialogue, truth in all things. Ascending beyond past. I will be here regardless of pay.
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Awareness of anger can lead to self-direction which leads to cancer prevention.
Supplying dietary iron from cooking with cast iron cookware. Dinner for one need not be boring. A warm salad on a rainy day can prove to be comforting and nutritious.
Do angels communicate via personal synchronicities? I am collecting some evidence they do.
Are humans naturally cooperative and altruistic? Are we conditioned by a competitive society to learn distrust? This film shows toddlers cooperating with adults without talking: the adult begins a task, the toddler helps complete the task.
Some say one soul can distribute itself into different bodies. Perhaps souls communicate with one another through photographs. Maybe they can also share "Aha!" moments, moments of deep understanding, excitement or pleasure. What if we could connect with any historical figure in wikipe...
Gans is also referred to by M.T. Keshe as the "sun" or the power source or the plasma in the zero point energy reactors and new medical applications. This article relates my personal experiences over the past three weeks with gans production.
Chapter 1 of my personal experience in following along with KfSSI's Knowledge Seekers Workshops. Future Chapters will have photos of my DIY work and my comments, insights, revelations and reverberations.
Inspired by a comment in this week's episode of "Cosmic Disclosure," with Corey Goode & David Wilcock on Gaiam-TV (internet).
Sometimes disregarded the nodes or poles color our daily experiences. There are predictable tendencies, however that we can become more aware of.
The Kettle Falls Five: a new federal test case seeking to redefine limits for those who grow their own legally.
The Obama Administration has vowed not to continue to waste the taxpayers' money in selective prosecution of sick people who grow their own medicine. A new case in Washington State seems to contradict this stated policy.
I attended at least one of his lectures in person and worked with a few of the teachers (all Israeli women) he personally trained for at least one year, in Northern California, about 15 years ago. I taught this method to my son when he was growing up and when he was a teenager he told...
Although this is a review of an interview of Matthew Fox, who is twice acknowledged, what I have to say is more of my own philosophy mixed with what he and Regina Meredith were discussing. It is categorized as "religion" because I think it would make a good sermon. I've been playing h...
What is a spider and what is the web it weaves? Do spiders learn maths before they hatch? Do humans weave similar predictable geometric patterns when they nest?
Continuing the one article that seems so far to be a big hit...Golden Calf is a Mistranslation of Phi Torus, which is a portal generating concept. Book? Book? Book? she clucked...
Is it possible that golden "Taurus" was a deliberate mistranslation by Aaron in his attempt to get control of the priesthood away from the Levites? He knew it was not Taurus but Torus, torsion field.
Labor protest in Brussels today closes IMF HQ for the entire day, due to 2000 tractors representing Irish Dairy farmers demanding financial relief.
I am an interfaith minister with an online ministry. Can you help me sell my house to buy a church in a small town that has a vacant church, so I can expand my ministry?
My notes on this interesting lecture about the father of geopathic research, Avicenna or Ibn Sina, who lived in 10th century and read/spoke multiple languages, preached about health, diet, and came up with "I think therefore I am" 400 years before Rene Decartes
Google is one case, there are many other search engines using similar algorithms...a machine "thinking" but garbage in garbage out. The machine gives out misinformation faster and faster.
Everything owes its existence solely and completely to sound. - Nigel Stanford
A recent personal experience raised some interesting questions about thoughts words and minimum ethical standards in our society.
The Chinese called them dragon lines. The ancient art of feng shui guides the homeowner in arranging furniture, particularly beds around these lines. Some call them ley lines. Wilcock calls them the Hartmann-Curry grid.
A short visit to the Sheriff's headquarters to arrange for civil process provided an opportunity to learn a bit more about what they do.
Did my activism pay off? Last month, I filed a complaint against my internet service provider for being inaccessible to deaf. A short time after that, the FCC, which usually does nothing, actually served that complaint on the provider, a very large corporation. A very short time after...
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