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I am in my 20's from AL. I usually write poetry about life experience yet somehow try to find the fantasy and hope in it all. I believe strongly we are more than just the life we currently live.
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A poem of a young girl confused and alone. But, do we choose loneliness or has it chosen us. If we do choose it.. is it because we wanted to or out of ignorance.
A poem I wrote that I wanted to extravagantly unique about nature and fun. My inspiration was a mural on a wall across from my apartment that was just so beautiful and lonely. Hope you enjoy...
Small segments of my comical yet somewhat boring life as a 23 year old freshly out of college and living with my crazy parents.. Sounding like a sitcom/reality show yeah I think so too...
A poem about optimism and growth along with an understanding of happiness and pain.
A poem from when I was 18 years old and struggling to understand life and the complicated situations of high school. Oh, the wisdoms i would love to bestow upon my 18 year old self after all these years,,
Short poem based on a life event slightly interpreted into a naturalistic poem. Take from it what you may.. It is from the heart and truly means something to me. Hope it pleases your mind!
A Mother's Day poem I wrote for my mother. She is an amazing woman and it was very hard to find the words to express that to her.
All about a boy that belongs to someone else.. but i will be victorious in the end..
Something I wrote a few years ago about teens and struggling. Explicit content.
A poem I wrote when I was 19, confused, alone, and figuring myself out. An extreme range of emotions.
This is a poem for a friend. A reminder of how it important it can be just to have someone listen.
A street painter attempts to paint a women everyone believes to be a witch. He is taken by surprise.
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