Emily Maddox

Emily Maddox
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I'm a recent college graduate with an English MA. I write primarily about music, literature, writing, and teaching writing.
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Recent pages by Emily Maddox

Anne changes Marilla completely in "Anne of Green Gables"
This page explains how to regroup and succeed in the face of failure
A brief biography and exploration of the works of Jamaica Kincaid.
Explore the differences between friends and acquaintances, and decide who each are in your life.
This page is a profile of the life and work of Shirley Jackson
Character analysis of the deeply flawed and fully human Willy Loman
An introduction to the three types of sonnets and their differences
Dunbar's "Little Brown Baby" says a lot more beneath its surface.
"The Haunted Man" is a lesser known Dickens tale, but a fascinating one.
Although she appears in only one chapter, Judith Loftus has much importance in "Huckeberry Finn."
Emily Dickinson writes of her understanding of the brain, which fits in the Transcendentalism school of that time.
The life of Rusty Beck will continue to be challenging in the upcoming season of “Major Crimes.”
An adult son reflects during a multi-generational family dinner.
This is a personal experience with the R.E.M. Spring, and serves as a guide for use.
The new DDA, Emma Rios, is mixing things up on "Major Crimes," bringing out a new side of Captain Sharon Raydor's character.
Young women will find a good role model in the character Stands With A Fist.
The film "The Great Gatsby" relies on the framing of Nick Carraway's story, which is problematic.
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