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The Pencil Minstrel
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I am a father, grandfather, great grandfather. Happily married coming on 30 years. A honorably discharged Veteran. I am an artist (Google RER42) and teacher. I meander here and there when I write.
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This is recollections of an event many years ago when anti war demonstrations abounded,I participated in many notable ones. This is one that stands out though and will always be a most vivid recollection.
Cheryl was my first wife. I met and married her right after I was discharged from the Navy. We were both so young, she was 17 I was 21. We were married 7 years and had two sons. Our oldest son died a few years ago from Aids.She died last year , this is a story I wrote a few days after...
From my heart deep felt admonition of deep reverence and love. Personal to me. I believe worthy to be shared with those whom are like minded and even those whom are not for consideration. Blessed be the name of Him whom brought His light into the world. The light of truth.
I wrote something in May last year similar, revisiting it I realized not much has changed. Interjecting a font here and there I came up with something reflective of where I am at today in May.another Caffeine Commentary.
A summer event many years ago with a buddy at a swimming spot we used to go to. Might be a great warning to those whom have ever contemplated what happens in the overflow hole of a dam. Fortunately my story is funny, at least to me. It might of turned the other way and been a tragedy....
I don't write much poetry, this is something I penned many years ago and held onto. It is very reflective of where I was at at the time and perhaps something one can identify with. Today I am comfortable in my own skin and the stuff I present is glimpses of what got me here.
A few years ago I started a regular commentary and string of blogs I called Caffeine Commentaries. If it is acceptable I might try them here too. Stuff that goes on in my head and in my heart that I mull over and by writing them it sometimes stimulates discussion, or consideration by ...
Death comes to us all, it is never easy going through the rituals of farewell because there are so many ways we have devised to deal with our grief and reconciliation of our mortality. The loss of a loved one, or family, is the most difficult. Here is a story about a very dear friends...
Growing up I experienced many hardships. My father had left my mother when I was 3, she struggled to keep her children fed and clothed. I came to understand at a very early age the travails of a woman on her own, it played out dramatically through my mother's life.
A fond memory of a class I taught when I was teaching art in public schools. Over the years I have taught thousands of youth and adults to draw and the have been consistently winning awards around the county and I even had two students pull in first place at the state fair. This is a ...
Memories from my childhood, recollections of an event that occurred when I was about 5 or 6 years old. My sister and I always seem to be asked to retell it at family gatherings. Our mother left us with her sister and went off to find a husband. I have many memories of my time with my ...
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