CF Winn

CF Winn
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CFWinn is an award winning freelance writer of tongue-in-cheek articles.Her novella, SUKI, is hugging souls everywhere and her COFFEE BREAK SERIES will have you rolling on the floor.
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It's amazing how far people will go when it comes to food.
Just some random thoughts...and if anyone can tell me who THEY are, I'd really appreciate it.
Sportsmanship and Good Will is Taught...Be an Example
Sometimes change comes later, but it's always possible...
Every once in a while, a product that's been around for a while does something to shake the consumer up. Sometimes it's new packaging, and sometimes it's vintage...
Judging a book by it's cover can be dangerous. Perspective is everything, but when it comes to jealousy, all of the rules go out the window. We all like to think that we're compassionate, but are you really when you've Got MILF??
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