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I love to be online earning money from different website I'm on. I think it wonderful to share your work to other people around the world.
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With long summer months ahead and no rain here in California the fields and slowly going brown.
When an internet dream doesn't happen and earning dry up
Looking for something new to earn from and decided I would do something I once did many years ago.
Never have your eggs in one baskets especially online, you never know when the website going to disappear or stop paying.
Being online and earning from being online there are so many websites that you can earn from.
Year on Wikinut, a year of writing although I do need to do more. Looking forward to my second year on Wikinut and being more active.
Plymouth UK and the national firework championships during August which I'm looking forward to with being a photographer
What happened to July, already so many days have gone in the month so far. Time does wait it just goes.
Father's Day tomorrow, what will you be doing with your Father, will you be seeing him maybe remembering him
Will you be watching the World Cup over the coming weeks, for me I won't be doing, maybe if England gets in to the semi finals then I might.
Meeting someone online, meeting them in person, falling in love and then asking her to marry me.
Will we have a summer in the UK or will it be another wet summer like we all know so well.
My goal for the end of May not been achieved what with doing so much online, I hope to do better in June.
After many years of driving passing my test at 17, the age you can drive in the UK I decided to give it up because of the cost of driving in the UK.
With being here in California I got the chance to see my first hummingbird, wow they are amazing to watch.
Just reached one UK pound on Wikinut which works out to be about one dollar and 68 cents. How long did it take to earn your.
Retirement i may seem a long way off but sooner or later you will, do you have any plans for your retirement, will you still be working and not retiring?
Working online could be the answer to less jobs around in the really world, although it's not always easy working online, just still with it.
I fell in love with macro photography some 4 years ago seeing things we don't normally see in our daily life.
Just a little over 4 years ago I started to take photos and post them online which changed my life because now I'm a photographer
Does writing more post earning you more money? I would like to have at least 100 posts written by the end of the month.
Photography and how I started to take photos and promote them online so that people can see and buy my work.
It good to know the time frame in which your posts are approved or reviewed before going live to the world.
Do you have a problem when it comes to posting post and getting them approveled/reviewed, how long does it take.
After being on Wikinut since last year and done little with the website, it's time I stared to do something with it and earn a little bit of cash
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