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I am an Indian writer from a small town Baraut in Uttar Pradesh. Currently living in Delhi and working as a Freelance Content Writer. Writing was a hobby and now the sole source of earning.
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This caste system is creating hassle in the growth of Indian democracy in a big way. Our general public gets separated into simulated gatherings that have a tendency to backing the candidate who fits in with their caste and they don't give careful consideration to the capacities of an...
This is about my experience on third night when I got to know about a Muslim father’s pleasure on the birth of a girl in the family. He was just 23 year old and taught me something amazing about Muslims.
After a long break, I am back with the story ahead. Well, it is not just a story, but my experiences in a hospital. These nights had changed my perception about Indian psychology about a girl's birth.
As you enter in Baraut, on Delhi road you will notice an industrial area. This industrial area is mainly occupied by wheel and axle manufacturing units. This post is to give an exposure to the industrial area in this township.
These are my experiences on those seven nights which I had passed on a hospital bench of Subharti Medical University’s hospital in Meerut. These are my experiences about seven going to be fathers, their families, pregnant ladies and the newborns.
After reading my last post many of you were thinking that author should have written more about the town. There was no description about how to reach this town. Thus, this is the post which will answer the entire questions about transport available to reach Baraut.
When whole world had heard about hindu muslim riots in Muzzafarnagar district which is no so far away from this place, this town was an ideal example of peaceful atmosphere and great integrity. Here, people love to help each other without considering the religion in between their rela...
During my work experience in BPO, I had worked under many team leaders and on occasions also worked as a back up for them. Being in that role of part time team leader, I got chance to learn few things about this role.
As you know, I am working as a freelance content writer. Life is going through a new phase of learning. From my own experiences and available content about Freelancer content writers in several website, I got these three simple rules for you.
Well, this is just my list based on my understanding of music and not any kind of comparison among these celebrities. Certainly, each one had his valuable contribution in changing the face of Bollywood music.
I am going to share about five haunted places in India; where people have admitted to have seen ghosts. Paranormal experts also admit that these places have something like peculiar powers.
This is about earning reputation in the society which I have learned from my father. You must adopt these tips like me and I am sure about the success of these ways.
Well, I thought to write this diary page in form of an article for tips. This is something which I learned by my own experiences during my work as freelance wrtier.
Are you a freelance content writer? If yes, then check out this post and share your thought over my feelings as freelance content writer.
Here are few birthday party ideas for kids of different age groups. Read the post and get a good idea for your kid's bestever birthday celebration.
This is a brief about my favorite bollywood star Sunny Deol. In India, this hindi movie actor has a big size fan club. He is one original action hero of Bollywood.
Well, this is about internet of things. For most of us, internet is an important part of our lives but IoT is totally a new concept. I had tried to share it in a simple language.
This post is about the most in demand gadget - The Smart Phone. On personal level, I had judged it and shared its benefits over regular cell phone as well as its demerits.
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