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I was born and currently live in the United States. I intend to focus on science-fiction writing.
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Recent pages by Newmarduk

This is a Star Wars-like science-fiction scenario pitting the Terran Empire against a Rebel Alliance.
What if the Galactic Republic under Palpatine turns into the Galactic Empire under pressure of war against the Dominion ruled by the Founders (Changlings)?
This is a universe about the Seven Races: the Humans of Earth, Star Elves, Asguardian Dwarfs, Greenskin Orks, the Golem robots, Ratlings, and Dark Elves (actually a splinter culture from the mainstream Star Elf race and culture). The only means of traveling faster than light between...
A speculation about why the British Monarch ALWAYS signs parliamentary bills into law while the American president occasionally vetoes congressional bills.
What happens if the Toad Empire from the Bucky O'hare universe (see is pitted against the Clone Wars-era Galactic Republic from the Star Wars universe.
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