Mayra Martinez

Mayra Martinez
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Just your typical single mother of 5, grandmother of 3, martial arts instructor and crime scene cleanup business owner.
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Going electronic versus real live books. This is my dilemma. Perhaps this is a place we'll all end up some day. Some people have already made the move to exclusively electronic. For some people the decision may even have been an easy one to make. For me it's different.
Ever wonder why we call the day after Thanksgiving, the first shopping day for Christmas, Black Friday. I think there's more to it than originally thought. Follow me as my mind meanders through the relevance of the term, and how it may have come to be.
A quick review on what to do, and more importantly, what not to do when you comment on someone's blog or article.
What if gaining the body you want, the mind you want, and the abilities you want is as easy as falling asleep? What if we are leaving out an important part of training? Guided imagery and hypnosis might be the answer to being all that we can be.
People are often confused about what constitutes a crimes scene and when they should call in professional help to clean these scenes. I hope to help answer some of those questions.
What happens when the ignorant comments of a bigot make a loving couple question their commitment to one another? Can their resolve be shaken? A short peek into the lives of two people in love, and what happens when a nosy neighbor has nothing of use to day.
My quest for the perfect birth experience, comparing two different birth experiences and finding that they were both, in fact, perfect.
A short essay on my youth, memories of magic, how I saw the world.
What would it feel like to know the exact time of your death?
If massage is an art form, the massage oil is the medium.
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