Mandy Buffington

Mandy Buffington
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Mandy Buffington is a Masters in Business Management graduate. She has a chapbook published called Love, Unwrapped by Writing Knights.
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Recent pages by Mandy Buffington

Sometimes just the sound of his voice can change everything.
Sometimes one has a connection so strong that nothing can break it.
Because sometimes the right love, the right soul mate, is an addiction.
For someone very special that means a lot to me and that I love
Poem about hope and love trusting in love again. Landmark of a poem with being 1,300.
How sometimes someone can melt all the defenses and hurt you ever been through.
I thought someone was the one, but I found out he was not.
About taking leaps of faith even if one has been hurt and gone through rough times.
Written for my adopted Bro Jason I miss him every day.
Written for my wonderful amazing Justin who is finally coming to be with me and will be here on Friday.
Romantic poem written for my wonderful Killik that I love dearly and want people to always know about.
Another poem written for my wonderful Killik. I love him with every breathe that I have.
April PAD Challenge Day 18 write a weather poem. A weather poem can be a poem about a hurricane or tornado; it can be a poem about the weatherperson; it can be a poem about forgetting an umbrella on a rainy day; it can be big; it can be small; etc. Written for my Killik.
Written for my Killik who holds my heart so easily.
For today’s prompt, write a shelter poem. Shelter might be a structure like a house, apartment, or hotel. Shelter could be a tent or cardboard box. Shelter could be an umbrella, overpass, cave, or car. Shelter could be a state of mind, part of a money laundering scheme, or any numbe...
For today’s prompt, write a voyage poem. In my case, we’ll be driving along the Gulf of Mexico, but a voyage can happen in a variety of ways–even on foot, or psychologically. Heck, the process of writing a poem is a sort of voyage all its own. Happy poeming! Written for my wond...
April PAD Challenge 4- For today’s prompt, take the phrase “Since (blank),” replace the blank with a word or phrase, make the new phrase the title of your poem, and then, write your poem. Possible titles include: “Since the Last Time I Smoked,” “Since You Said Please,” ...
Written for my wonderful Killik that I love with every breathe I am. Erotic poem you have been warned.
Written for my wonderful man that I love deeply and want to be home with.
An erotic poem for the man who means the world to me.
When thinking of infinity and what it represents I was inspired to write this for my wonderful guy that makes me smile every day.
Written and dedicated to a very special person in my life that I love completely.
Written and inspired by my wonderful guy that inspires me every single day and makes me very happy.
Written and dedicated to a very special amazing person I love.
Written for someone I really love and care about deeply.
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