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Now that chatbots have landed, where will they head next? A look at how the technology needs to grow up.
The chatbot industry continues to grow at pace. More vendors are launching platforms to provide a chat service to the huge number of businesses, enterprise and SMB, who want more active and helpful bots on their websites or social media presence. Bots are being used to handle customer...
A guide to some of the useful resources for creating a chatbot for a website
How long before governments start to legislate for chatbots to avoid fraud or misuse.
A guide to how chatbots need to be made more personable to provide the user with the desire to interact, and come back to the bot.
When Sega canned the Dreamcast, something strange happened. Instead of migrating to the next console, as people had done for generations, developers and players hung on to it, creating a community that still rolls on to this day. Sony's recently canned Vita is going the same way, show...
Wondering why Apple's first real effort at a chatbot is so low key?
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