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I am a mother of two beautiful children. I love to write, draw, and ride horses. I own an online store and you can check us out at http://js0001.bfandf.com we sell over 1500 items at a fairly low price and it changes all the time. I love to write poetry and short stories mainly.
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This poem is one I wrote while thinking about the love that my husband and I share. I love him dearly and I know we were meant to be and therefore this is the poem that came about. I hope that you have the chance to find a love pure and true and I hope this poem makes you feel as go...
This poem is a special one that I wrote, not about of for myself, but for a friend of mine. She was talking to me about a situation and I began to write, and she continued talking. When she finished she asked what I was doing I told her I am almost done. When I finished this was the...
This is just my opinion of some helpful tips about writing. More directed towards poetry than anything else. It is something that I have come to learn through my own personal experiences. And I hope it helps you and that you find it useful. It may be something some of you already ...
This is a poem that I wrote 8 years ago when I was pregnant and hormonal! I was thinking about some things and how everyone or almost everyone has been cheated on or done wrong by thier significant other and this is what came to my mind, and as you can guess my husband thinks it's ab...
This is a poem that I wrote last year for a family that lost their son, it is also one I read at my father's memorial. It is one of my favorite poems and I do hope that you enjoy it and may it bring you some peace and comfort if you have lost someone you love. Thank you.
Just a short poem I wrote while sitting by the cozy fire, thinking about spring time again.
This is an entry that I am hoping to be ongoing. I have decided to change some things in my life by being a more positive person. And this is just where I am going to track my goals and accomplishments!
A page that brings us back to the reality of children and the fact that they need love and attention, and should never be taken for granted.
This is just a blog of my opinions about Orlando Bloom! I think he is great!
This is just an entry about missing my late father. It has been almost a year now, and I miss him greatly and just wanted to get it off of my chest.
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