R. Chan

R. Chan
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I love writing and surfing web for more information. Love to read and travelling too!
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A great article for all freelance writers who are looking for a place to post their articles. The article is genuine as it is through personal experience and each websites are explained into detail on their pros and cons.
The article describes and explains the ways one can get promoted and how to start.
An educational article on college admission process. The article gives important tips that can win you a spot during the admission.
An article on how to prepare delicious food minus the fat.
An article regarding flirtation and types of flirtation men do.
The article describes on how one can decorate and remodel their home while saving money at the same time.
An article on how do you start investing, where to invest and how to start from scratch.
An article on the traps of mega sales and things to avoid before buying anything from discounted price.
An article on places you must avoid during your first date. The article also includes ideas on places you could go or what you should do during your first date.
An article on what to do before going for holiday. The article consist of how to book a room, planning, transportation and basic preparation before a holiday.
An article on reasons that causes diet to fail. The article also provides methods on dieting steps to ensure a successful dieting exercise.
An article on summer fashion from hats to sandals. The article also described do's and don't in order to look great during summer time.
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