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I have been an outdoors writer for years but I now like to write on many subjects.
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Recent pages by L.Henry

This article talks about earning an income from your writing. It also offers some advice on how to get started and to help yourself get better.
This article deals with the downside of playing video games and how they affect some of those who play them.
This is a description of how I give a sensual massage to someone very special. Guys and gals something like this can turn your whole night around...hope you enjoy.
The Mexican government is stepping up the numbers of troops to try and deal with the increasing violence along the border...but will it be enough?
Scams are everywhere these days. They are on our computers,cell phones,land lines and they even come to us in our mailbooxes. It's up to us to keep ourselves safe.
Has the pressure surrounding Auburn's star player finally caught up with him? Can the Tigers pull out a victory in the biggest Iron Bowl in a long time without him?
Dogs like us humans suffer from seizures. Would you know what to do during this time and could you keep your pet safe from his own self. These are questions many pet owners are faced with everyday.
Accidents occur all over the world both in our homes and in our places of business that could easily be prevented.
This is a simple poem written for my very best friend in the whole world.
This article deals with technology and how fast it is progressing. The world is constantly evolving right before our eyes.
Innocent U.S. citizens continue to get caught up in the violence that comes from from the bloody drug war going on just south of the U.S.border.
I first learned of paintball way back in the early 80's. It was a blast to play then and it still is today.
Could California be the first state to legalize recreational use of marijuana? If so what would it mean for the rest of the world?
Hobbies can not only be a great way to spend the day off they can sometimes turn into a whole new career right before our eyes.
A simple poem that expresses loyalty to a very well liked and trusted friend.
The violence in Mexico continues to grow as the two warring cartels battle each other for drug routes in and out of the U.S.
This is an account of how the downward spiraling economy is touching us all.
Second hand smoke is causing health problems for non-smokers that want nothing to do with cigarettes.
The many rock bands that sprang up during the 80's often didn't get the credit they deserve.
The drug war that wages in Mexico has now spilled it's violence over into the United States.
This is a detailed description of how I make a wonderful tasting grilled cheese sandwich...I really hope you like it.
This is the second in a series of four money saving article. Each has valuble tips for helping the average person or family save money in a variety of ways.
Ten simple ways for the average family to save hundreds or even thousands of dollars a year.
This article talks about some of the uses of solar power and how it can benefit the average person. It also tells of a few places solar is currently being used.
A plane has now been built that is capable of continuous flight thanks to solar energy. Records are being broken and more will soon be set.
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