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John Kolyav
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Born in 1963, Postgraduated in 1986. Six novels and four poetry books published. Got three state- level awards for literary works. More details at
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Are black holes the best gluttons? Here is a poem on the strange celestial phenomenon and another one on how a fanatic can scorn science.
Are these planets rotating without any law? Were it randomly that the varied rotation times of planets and the sun came into existence?
‘Old age has its honor and its toil’, it is true. But, sometimes old people require help. This simple poem illustrates how the attitude of a Principal could brighten the dark world of a family
It is true that mass-energy unification was one of the highest human intellectual achievements possible for a great genius a century back with insufficient data at hand. Science has grown much and it is high time to revise the most beautiful, economical equation that made our world sa...
Mountains protected people ever since the beginning of human civilization. What about these days?
A few people were killed during Mumbai attack on 26/11/2008. What would be the pain of their relatives and friends?
War breaks out between nations just for a heap of land or because of rulers’ ego. Who has to suffer eventually? Even if a nuclear bomb explodes in a neighboring country the impact will spread globally. Narrow minded politicians may not consider it for their temporary benefit.
It is true that ‘old age has its honor and its toil’. But, sometimes an old man has to watch the busy world silently.
Our scientific achievements, although very advanced in earthly sense, are negligible compared with the grandeur of Space
This poem of two cranes trying to save a tortoise is based on a story of Mr. Vishnu Sharma’s ‘Pancha Tantra’
Reply to a love-letter sometimes shall be a stone pasted over with honey
An apology to Tagore, this poem explores the present world scenario
It is true that there is much freedom of work in writing. But, what is the dream and achievement? One can recollect verses of ‘Last Ride Together!’
In spite of scientific advancement the earth is troubled by war, famine, riot, terrorism etc. Why superstitions still dominating the world? Why is real prophet always being tortured?
Why is Kerala transforming into a state of intoxication in spite of its high literacy and education?
Only true knowledge can save the world from its disastrous darkness. Where is it?
These are questions really asked in some interviews. Hope this sharing may help someone in similar situations. Forgive me if you know these already. Thanks
The Story of an ex-student, reluctantly conducted a test on the honesty of his teacher
Intention of Brutus in joining hands with the other conspirators was noble. But, he ignored the basic human psychology of the mob, their tendency to accept slavery. So, Caesar’s spirit remains deathless even now.
Logic, reasoning, tactics etc. used in various types of chess problems may help someone to solve problems in mathematics and physics, including spooky of light and Schrodinger’s cat. This is a brief note on self-mate.
This is a story-poem for small children, 4-8. It may help to remember things in sequence. This is the translation of folklore in Kerala.
At different velocities, objects take different paths in a moving universe. Unfortunately, our equations are developed as if the earth was static! Newton’s concept of absolute mass can coexist with relativistic effects since finite mass produces only finite energy by its disintegrat...
What is pilgrimage? Is it worshipping god stepping over the corpse of a fellow human being? What happens to the limping man in the cave?
The concept of heaven varies widely among different religions and political groups. False promises may mislead many. This is the story of a hopeful limping man to reach heaven alive.
In ancient days people had principles. They fought for honor. This distinguishes Bhisma from ordinary war-butchers of the ‘modern’ world.
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