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Studying at Faculty of Chemical Engineering in Surabaya Institute of Technology

let we share our ideas on this:
twitter: @tamiRTM
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He is just one of my whole friends. He is a good boy. And already 5 years I recognized him
Actually, I exposed this because of I just want to share a speech that I already made. I made this in order to help me during my real speech examination
This is it my stories. New Targets in the New Year. Yeaaayyyy! :D
Here is my opinions about what should I do to respect my techers
I just wanna share about both of side of homework. That's my opinions. How about you?
Here, I just tell you how precious my computer is. It helps me to do almost all of my tasks :)
That poetry tell us about a girl who very obsessed to become like a jasmine. It’s because she love a boy which is like a jasmine very much and can’t love deeply to this girl. Perhaps that boy will be appreciate to her if what she has right now look like a jasmine, which is very pr...
This is what I say life. I was so grateful can be in the middle of amazing people, yes that my friends in the dormitory. With them I do all of my duties. Absolutely, I was far away from my parents. Life with them seems perfect. I love you guys. My family SA 3rd generation :*
This is some ideas about me. I started to learn myself since 3 years a go
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