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A student pursuing B.Tech in Information Technology.Simple,social and love to make good writing articles on travel destinations.So that travelers can use the information.
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Toluna is a website , where provides the opportunity to make some additional money online. Reward offered in this website is awesome. Participants get points for taking surveys , online polls etc.
Great success for Bihar Police and Indian security agencies. Most wanted terrorist and leader of Indian Mujahiddin has been arrested from Indo-Nepal border.
I came across a website Here on this website we get swagbucks for doing stuffs that we do on social networking websites . In we get swagbucks for searching for contents, watching videos etc.
Tour is the best part of our life. Tour let people know about new places,new culture,new foods,new language. It creates incredible memory of our life . But , during travel we should have some precautions to avoid any problem .
Nalanda is famous for ancient Nalanda University. Nalanda is a district of state Bihar in India. This place has a glorious history. Scholars from different part of the world came here study. Nalanda University was one of the most famous ancient universities .
Delhi , the capital of India is rich of tourist places. Heritage sites in Delhi get many visitors from all over the world. Delhi is the city which has a famous historical past. Many great emperors ruled this city and made it rememberable. Old Delhi reflects the historical presence and... , a website to shop online. I have recently seen an ad of this website on Facebook, clicked on the link and after seeing all the products available there i was impressed.I am going to share my shopping experience with them.
Redgage is a social networking website where you make some money by doing things like photo uploading, making friends, writing blogs etc., a very good money making website over internet. It is actually a question and answer website, where you get some money by just asking and answering questions.
Bodhgaya : a most important pilgrimage site for Buddhists . Enlightenment place of Lord Buddha. Bodhi tree is located in the campus of Mahabodhi temple under which Lord Buddha used to sit. He spent many years of his life at this place under Bodhi tree.
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