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I'm an author, Boarder in the Basement and Bedbug Books at Amazon, and I write for print and online media. I cover a wide range of topics, including health, travel, animals, crafting and more.
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Afraid of the word, said? Newer writers may overuse other words, which can weaken whatever they've written and may alienate readers.
A child's footprints captured in cement had me wondering about childhood and the loss of innocence.
If you’ve ever tried to delete your articles from some sites, you may have seen that dang annoying: “Are you SURE you want to remove your article?” warning.
All parents, everywhere, will be familiar with "the backseat lament," an endurance test not for those faint of heart!
How a moon path illuminates choices about love and quality of life.
So, you are now a proud parrot parent. Has that feathered companion captured your heart? Read on to see if you display the telltale signs of avian addiction.
"That cat is possessed!" Grandma said, convinced that Kitty had an alliance with the dark side.
A home office is a dream for many, but be warned, you just might find your quiet retreat invaded by those who refuse to recognize you actually work from home.
Finding yourself by finding your way back to a place or a situation that's a fit and that nurtures the spirit.
An apple-picking session leads to reflections about modern-day conveniences and age-old prejudices...
For most writers, the thought of earning a thousand dollars for one article is a dream come true.
As sure as heartburn follows a spicy meal, one day, while I was on shift, an order came in for the mysterious Veggie Burger…
Grandmother was convinced that Hambone was a large rat, intent on breaking out of his cage.
The sweet singing of birds in the woods and quaint bluebells in their hoods ...
I felt an enchantment that encouraged me to venture to deeper realms, deeper far, and more mysterious than my favorite armchair would have allowed.
"You'll need a wha-cha-ma-thingy to go on your boo-bob. Then I'll have to install a giz-a-matic on top of that," the mechanic says and I know I'm hopelessly out of my league.
In iambic pentameter, five pairs of syllables or iambs make up a ten-syllable line characterized by accents on every second beat
Meter in English poetry is established by using four common rhythmic patterns, which characterize the feet in lines of poetry.
One aspect of writing picture books includes creating captivating titles. The best picture books stand out from the crowd with catchy titles that grab the attention of publishers, parents, and children.
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