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i am an avid reader and would love to explore the genre of romance, relationships, spirituality, poetry and short stories.
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this poem describes the dilemas of life, when at crossroads and how one overcomes them. or regrets those steps, taken in haste
Its about a child who is lost, all alone and is desolte. Is in deep anticipation about life, wants a hand that can guide him to a cozy home.
The artcile traces down all the memories and personal experiences in Delhi and of Delhi, the place that i deeply adore. It would give you an insight into Delhi, its culture and its architectural genius.
Its about how models become super models and the price they pay for it. The way they keep themselves in shape and face the odds of modelling, is strenuous and a lot of endurance is required.
Its how one faces tough time at work especially when surrounded by people one despises. Also people are really not concerned about your problems, they just want to know what happened to you so they can satiate their need of gossip and can hav fun at your cost. That is what a world of ...
Its on the person whom the heart deeply adores. loves all his attributes and even a small thing or gesture becomes so precious and noticable.
The article shares the universal truth of life. Answers to all our problems are dispersed in the sea of signs, in and around us. What is required is to trace the path to the answers by observation and understanding of the universe's appeal.
The poem is about how relationships go through a change and how they fade away if not taken care of. The blossoming of any relationship depends upon its treatment.
this is page dedicated to all my poems, written as reflections of my own experiences and moods. Well some will be able to relate to it, others could read for fun
its about love that is like paradise and which is now lost, what is the repurcussion of that
The poem is about love, what does the heart deeply desires and hungers for, what is it that quenches the thirst of love
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