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Hi! I am 19 and love to write about almost every topic, although I like to concentrate more on better-yourself articles. Hope you will enjoy my articles.
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I have found you a website that you have been looking for ages, but could never find.
When writing, it is very important to make sure that you not only add variety to the sentences but also make it as much readable as possible, mainly by inserting appropriate signposts.
If we looked back at our past, we would notice that most of the wrong decisions that we had made were repetitve; the worry and anxiety entered in our lives only because we kept making the same mistakes. It's time to accept to make a little note of them and make sure that each day you ...
Agents play an important role in a writer's life, however, should you really hire one? This remains the main question.
Although, literary agents can be difficult professionals to deal with, you cannot deny the edge you could get by hiring a literary agent.
If are serious about writing and are on the verge of submitting and article, poem or short-story, it would be useful to know about kill fees and how to deal with them.
Some of the facts that we all need to know. This is the only way to realise the importance of our body.
Some of the greatest pieces of creativity have been produced through an inspiration.
It is very important to make certain that you revise your material thoroughly before sending it away to a publisher.
It is very important to know about literary the agents if you plan to write a novel.
This is the first time that music is promising us more than mere entertaiment.
Lists all the feature of the Learn and Master Piano Course by Will Barrow
Make a note of these points to create a good short story: 1. Find a topic. 2. Do a research. 3. Prepare the synopsis. 4. Start Writing 5. Edit the Story
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