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I am creative, enthusiastic and with the ability to work under least supervision, I do my best to give all I can to the benefit of me, my future and my community.
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To the one who took away my breath And the one I swore to love to death To the one I thought was mine to keep, To my love… Beth
Franchising can be a great way to start up a business as you already have a platform. Knowing what is needed is vital for success
A natural body detoxification process is the best method to relieve the harmful toxins in your systems
How can you improve your sleep by simple dieting? Let's take a brief look
Sleep, just like any other activity is more important to your mental and physical well being than you may think
Post-pregnancy weight gain is common in women, but with the right advice and approach, you can reclaim your figure-8 in no time
Detox and dieting are all important elements of our lives but we need to have caution on how to carry them out
Body cleansing and detoxification is important and its needy to know how the process works
A detox process can be fruitful if you only know what to take and avoid during The process
Fasting is a good religious and health practice, but the details on how to be safe are somehow foggy to many people
There is very little difference between sex and war
Trying to do two important things for your health and fitness at the same time
A faster and more intense way to gain muscles, get healthier and fitter by you.
Gaining muscle for a well toned and healthy looking body is a sure way to boost your health, confidence and self esteem.
The misconception of home as a place of shelter, rather than a place of solace, peace and love…
The topic of gender is quite as sensitive as is seems and with an ever changing world that grows more and more sensitive to such issues, the topic might soon take more turns than ever before.
The happiest people in life do not have the best of anything, they simple appreciate what they have at hand and simply make the best of that which comes their way.
Using effective non-weight exercises such as push-ups to maximize on physical development and muscular development
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