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akram saqib
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I am a writer,poet and dramatist. I have written a lot of articles on almost all topics of human interest.
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The scientists and historical personalities were surely far sighted as they had worked assiduously for their nations and humanity but it seems a bygone. Present scenario is quite opposite. As the present age is a scientific age ,we are constrained to think scientifically and logically...
There is zero tolerance in their society since the beginning of civilization in India. The Africans do not kill their clan fellows or those who have married in their clan.
In order to eliminate terrorism from the world,eliminate discrimination.
In fact India and the West is a crane who is standing on one leg closing his eyes pretending that he is sleeping.
In Wikinut there are a lot of moderators but not even a single moderator in India.
It is all about cricket commentators who make this game worth watching and listening
Without visiting india you cannot know relaity of the situation.
It reveals the true nature of the hindus pacific thoughts
The world is on the verge of chaos. It seems a new world disorder is going to commence soon.
It is a fictional story which is about the old tracks.
Poor but tactically significant, the struggle for power in Yemen has serious consequence for the region and the security of the Muslims all over the world. There is always the same opinion which is propagated by the Western media. But the reality is quite opposite to this propaganda. ...
A symbolic fantasy expressing the greed and lust which are the enemies of human beings as well as every other being.
The days are not far when the big three in cricket would find a lame excuse to ban Bangladeshi super star cricketers.
Star Television is showing nonsense since long. The movies are as old as the history of television. What does it serve?
It is the main tact which can get you approved and published in article writing sites. Writing sites are dear to me and many others who have something in their mind -true something-that cannot be expressed in the newspapers due to some covert reasons. There are many sites that do not...
The division of India was result of a struggle made by the Muslims and cashed by the Hindus. Whims of the Lords and Ladies of that time in India played havoc with the terrotory.Kashmir is one of such problems which prove the policy of imperialism ,before leaving the region create a pe...
PK the movie Is based on Gore Vidal's play visit to a small planet
It is the most interesting piece of work ever produced by Indian cinema.
It is the western media which often becomes a bone of contention between Muslims and the locals.
Religious tolerance is not only for Muslims but all the religions of the world.
It is a poem expressing the situation and condition of downtrodden
Each and every Muslim country and even Muslim is in line with the American policy at this time. Then why their religious feelings are injured and why they are made to take out procession against West and USA. Is there sagacity in such acts of the West?
The reality is pictured by a few people in such a terse manner as The PK team has done. The fantasy which is more real than fantasy.
It is a satirical article for those who can understand satire.Irony would be definitely there. Read understand and recreate.
The man is also composed of the layers of many kinds. When you peel off the onion you find a new layer, the But Human is also have many layers of corruption, misdeeds, and many other vices and follies.
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