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Gemma Linas Buquiran
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Happiness! I am one of God's beautiful creations- lady@40s. Journalism Grad. UPDiliman, Ph. I write little concepts: simple leadership, influencers & speech. Enjoy life's Realities and Happiness!
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Here links my blogs. Marami pong salamat! Thank you!
Ode to Coconut Tree @Sunken Garden, University of the Philippines, Diliman. "Buko ka ba? -Bakit?- Puno ka kasi ng Buhay" ("Are you a coconut? -Why?- Because you are a Tree of Life")
When common law is highlighted over civil law - 'how can real-time leaders highlight real-time objectivity?
Filipino-English Translation of a speech. [b]As an e-translator, it is my grasp to share in an international language, what my country recently passed in the name of justice and peace -to a path, we pray be righteously taken.[/b]
what if there's only one fingerprint- half yours, half divine
*In memory of my 'mama' - My *grandmother. Who showed me that a woman is beautiful with a 'life-dress.' A life-dress to choose, measure, design, sew & 'cat-walk' the best ways she can.
Contrary to most 'wolf-howl' definitions - what I found out is happy, easy to do youthfulness! It is a seemingly 'wolf-howl' gesture that helps relax skin and make it look younger...good for body posture and breathing, too!
grammermon = This is a fine art of polished intellectual maxims; tweaking views where english is also a source of bubbly genius behavior. CHILL!
Scorpio Full Moon May 6, 2012 - The Sabian symbol for the Moon at 17*Scorpio is: A ‘Woman Clothed with the Sun, standing on the Moon, crowned by 12 stars, giving birth to the Savior’. This is Lady Wisdom, the innate potential within us all to give birth to the god-consciousness wi...
Have you got a life-lift lately? Maybe angels here on earth (and above) have noticed your efforts.
Pamper yourself this summer as you take care of your well-being at Sofitel Manila, where guests can truly have a magnifique beauty and wellness!
...Sometimes, moments like this is enough. Yes, the forbidden paradise of knowledge- the truth of all, is alluring - but all has not yet revealed itself to the living...
I grew surrounded by all-natural agriculture fields. Sustainable fields. I am always happy to see new farms sprouting with sustainable agriculture systems.
"What reasons creators have, to design sphinx in such a way - that some have feathers - and others have none?" [/b]
... your worst is clue to your best ... KNOW your WEAKNESS to UNRAVEL your STRENGTH - CONSCIOUSLY
... little mountains remind us that life is not all about 'towers' or 'majestic climbs'- It's all about emerging from the chaos of deep waters...
What is Love. Love is life in its littlest terms, in its grandest emotions
...always like forever...a petal in Creation's since first light
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