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A discussion of religion and intellectual criticism as it pertains to Marx's thought and religious ideology.
A discussion of Rousseau's understanding of self-knowledge and its importance for human life and education.
Ideology in daily life often arises out of a need to find patterns and meaning out of the seemingly random complexities of the world. The characters and methods of detective novels can help us understand the role that ideology plays in our own lives.
A few funny stories that blend together regarding a hiking mishap when I was younger and the conversation going on between my roommates when I tried to write about it.
The boundary between waking life and dream consciousness
An essay written on a possible conception of progress and how it can be used to gauge the relative success of a society.
An essay presenting the views on liberty and law held by Hayek (leading intellectual in 20th century libertarian thought) regarding socialism and the modern welfare state. A review of three chapters in F.A. Hayek's "The Constitution of Liberty" (Chapters 15-17) for one of my universit...
A reflection on the purpose of public space for and the formation of a sense of self as seen in Florentine city planning.
A short fictional narrative of the life of a school shooter, originally written for a class on neurology and behavior.
A short quip on the phenomenon of "playing roles" throughout life and the necessity of illusion for life in general.
A short consideration on the predicament of my generation and a method for discovering truth in a world of relativism.
A strange exploration into the self-consciousness of post-modern life and the implications reflection holds for life in general.
The answers we seek are not found in the external word exclusively, but pair with an internal unity and sense of purpose.
Poem on life, our struggles, and a sense of hope for the future.
The nature of forgiveness, as I see it, and it's connection to the concept of love which so escapes the world and is constantly fleeting from the peripheries of my thoughts and actions.
In nature is perfect democracy. There is no inequality because there is nothing to compare. Each is what it is, plain and simple. Equal in their equally identities. Man builds his comfort, constructs images of splendor and divinity, but forgets the temple in which he was placed, settl...
A short poem about the events of a crisp fall day, a living prayer. Not everything always works out the way you wish it did, but that doesn't make it any less beautiful.
A short description of how depression feels to me. There is a common misconception that depression is just like being sad about life all the time. The truth is much more hopeless, and often involves being happy occasionally too. For me it felt like existing in my own head instead of a...
A poem about the transitory nature of emotion. There is a parallel between the sun and the moon, the beat and the melody, shining brilliance and dull glow, flame and coal, rise and fall of pitches due to the doplar effect, rise and fall in amplitude, near and far.
Some thoughts on the current default of human perspective and the possible progress which could be made on a societal scale if that default is changed.
A failed attempt on a lonely day in early winter.
wondering about the fate of my generation and happy with the life I lead for at least a few moments while I smile.
A practice in memory of consciousness, I take independently experienced sensations described on their own terms and piece them together into a single memory of someone I've loved in the past.
Falling short of others' expectations as well as my own. How am I to explain my worthlessness?
A poem inspired by Allen Ginsberg's "America", the poem describes something of mine but never states what it is.
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