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Sam is an avid blogger that loves to share information with his readers that will apply to their daily lives.
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The human psyche is an incredibly complex maze of thoughts, emotions, and behaviors, but with the growth of technology and education, society has developed a better understanding of how the mind works.
The winter months are upon us with their days of nasty, cold, wet weather. Even California and Florida have their share of “bad” days. What are you to do when your classroom or houseful of children are getting restless, bored, and cabin feverish?
The real estate market is looking better, and many people are making the decision to purchase their first home. After your successful home search comes finalizing the mortgage loan and making the home your own.
Many people invest for their futures in the stock market. All kinds of companies, even those that started small, have gone public, as they say, and offer shares of their company to people who want to invest and (hopefully) see their money grow.
Burns can become infected and uncomfortable if they are not treated promptly and properly.
The Internal Revenue Code addresses the exchange of specific types of property in section 1031. This section can help individuals defer capital gains or losses due upon sale, which allows one’s investment in a property to grow untaxed. Here we’ll discuss 5 key points of the 1031 e...
Fun ways to enjoy the holidays with your families.
The summer months get a lot of attention when it comes to vacationing, but the colder months offer some exciting options for getting away too.
Medical malpractice occurs when a patient is harmed by a medical professional that neglects to competently perform his or her medical duties.
Preventative care is part of lifelong health, and parents are responsible for instilling that in their children.
Some things in the world of technology are black and white. High-speed wireless Internet, anti-spyware protection, and long laptop battery life: Good. Peanut butter in your keyboard, installing infected software, and responding to that Nigerian prince who keeps emailing you: Bad. For ...
When the weekend rolls around, the last think you probably want to find yourself doing is slaving over a home improvement project that you’ve been putting off for several months.
The decision to file bankruptcy is not something many people take lightly, yet it seems that a lot of individuals actually know very little about the process. Before making any move, it is important to do some personal research.
Look at your feet. How are they today? Most of us know that strenuous activity, too much walking and standing, the wrong shoes, or the wrong size shoes can cause problems for our poor aching feet.
Scientists have accomplished some amazing things and made all kinds of mind-blowing discoveries.
Scientists have used genes to engineer a variety of things in our everyday, most prominently food and agriculture. Genetically modified foods offer a solution to various problems and give us a whole host of new fruits and veggies, but they come with their own set of known problems.
The winter season is upon us, and with it comes the cold, flu, and sniffles season too. Nothing puts a damper on a lovely winter day or holiday outing like a kid who isn’t feeling good.
The biggest issue in men’s fashion today is marrying style with comfort in the throes of the business world. Most business professionals these days share their time between desks and traveling, and finding a pair of comfortable yet classy shoes can be a challenge.
For many people, the idea of refinancing a home can be a confusing situation because of the various viewpoints that are provided in the public arena, as well as conflicting advice from family, friends, and realtors.
Graduating college comes with a flood of emotions—felicity, relief, wistful nostalgia, and a sense of accomplishment—but then you enter the real world and life hits you like a freight train.
Learn about the history of the Black Forest in Germany.
Every holiday shopping list has a variety of recipients, some that are easier than others to shop for when it comes to the perfect gift. Holiday shopping is a season-long event, with 40 percent of consumers starting the process before Halloween.
The importance of the audio visual technician and what skills a person needs in order to be one.
What is the purpose of the aesthetic laser and is it safe to use?
Since the founding fathers signed that ever so important piece of paper in 1776, the United States of America developed as one of the greatest, most unique countries in the world, paving the way for new discoveries in science, technology, art, and beyond. But is that America still a...
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