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am a kenyan citizen, aged 23 years old. am an engineer by profession. i love writing articles on health issues, marketing,engineering and emerging issues.
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Temp jobs or temporary jobs are kind of jobs available for only a short period of time. it is common for students and established business men and women who does not full commitment to one kind of a job.
Best natural stones can be used to improve the look and revive the beauty of your kitchen. This natural stones are readily available in large quantities. stones such as marble, granite, and onyx are use in kitchen and bathroom sinks.
Cfd investment is a contract between the seller and the buyer to exchange the difference a price of a particular trading share a cross the time of opening a certain contract and the time of its' closure.
Thining hair is a condition in which individuals suffer hair loss. it can be natural or through an infection. This condition can either be treatable or parmanent. With the current increase use of technology, many hair products have manufactured to solve this problem.
marketing strategy is the most crucial tool in marketing and every upcoming entrepreneur should develop one before starting the real marketing.
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