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gopika kabra
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I am a student pursuing my bachelor's degree of engineering from information technology.I hav a keen interest in writing articles based on life and philosophy.
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Hie everyone, after this long long gap am back.. I was kind of missing here myself.. So this one's is for me or u can say that its for THE me inside you all.. hope u enjoy reading this and expecting the same previous responses...
A tear can speak alot if heard...its a poem i found somewhere .not written by me just wanted to share with u all
Every time I see the sky it reminds me of him ...whenever i stand alone under the sky i find him holding my hands ,talking to me ..
After returning home for few days when you are out of your home for a job or for studies gives an awesome feeling of that secured and lovely life ..missing that life ..
Here is a dream and its memory ,a dream came one night and left its memory for the life .Its is the sweetest experience of true love .
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