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It's nice to share good ideas through writing.Hope everybody here is welcoming me. My name is Melphen I'm playing life on hard mode, I like writing Poems. I Love reading Novels, Photography, History and General Science. God Bless Y'all!!
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Alien is an extraterrestrial life originating outside of the Earth. Do you believe in aliens/extraterrestrial?
Permanently change your Eye color, but I wont recommend this to everyone.
Engineers Turn Robot Arm Into Formula One Simulator
This guide is base on my experience. This brief and simple guide are very important for Zynga Poker Players.
I think this is really urgent info that needs to be shared as widely as possible.
I was regretting the past and fearing the future.
Lately this has been smeared as a seal of Satanism, but the pentagram is a totem versatile, and there long before anyone got around to invent Satan.
The purpose of this piece of prose is to describe an ironic love story that I dream that the gods decide was too pure to be seen on this earthly world.
As I'm sure some of you know by my name, Pit bulls are my all time favorite breed. But they are so misunderstood, and are the most abused dog in all of history. So I've collected myths about them, in order to prove them wrong. I hope it helps further educate you about pit bulls.
A documented story about two young married couples had a very strange encounter as they drove past an abandoned TNT plant near Point Pleasant, West Virginia.
Lightning is a beautiful but deadly natural phenomenon, isn't that amazing to see mother nature at best. this is a compilation of lightning around the world, please do fancy on this.
Before i lived with darkness and feel nothing but sadness, but suddenly it changed!
This is a one cool self-balancing, one wheel, electric scooter.
I want to share this to all of you. This got me in need of the Kleenex..
I wanted to share this to all of you, hope y'all like it.
Last time when i watch TV I stumble upon a show in National Geographic, the topic is about invasive specie of Asian carp swarming the Mississippi river and threatening the world's largest freshwater ecosystem in United States. Its quite disturbing right? so why not make a compilation ...
I hate spiders, but this one's kinda cute. It is utterly surreal, to see a spider like this one.
I just bought a new lappie last week, and here i am sharing some good side about this cheap and reliable laptop (semi- gaming laptop) . I was able to stress test this new MSI EX460 that I got last week.
Hints, guide, tips to survive a Horror Movie. Please be AWARE.. be very AWARE..
"Finally" is a poem my sister made.. hope y'all like it..
They are declassifying Area 51 because they have moved all of the good stuff to another location, because Area 51 is too well known. The new location isn't even on the same continent as Area 51, that's how it is to me.
Funny story about a veterinarian and a doctor. Hope you like it.
If you happen to experience these stages yourself, Be aware.
I wish I could live a thousand years or more, Until I can give away the melodies of my soul, Until your ears are no longer closed.
Here is a list of 10 most poisonous and venomous animals on earth. some of them are one of the most beautiful creature but don't get fooled by its cover, familiarize them one by one, someday it will come in handy.
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