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A freelance writer based in South Africa specialising in
articles on health and finance.
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Recent pages by fionajean

This article will help you convert your home baking hobby into a lucrative business.
Why not make Valentine’s Day a little more special this year by giving your loved one a personalized gift that shows that some thought went into it? A gift need not be expensive but should be thoughtful
Tired of having your photo's looking like mugshots? Take note of these tips to look fantastic in photographs.
Looking for a little inspiration? Read on to identify your passion and for a good dose of motivationing advice.
You don't need to spend a fortune to make a great gift that will be cherished for a long time.
The holiday season brings a lot of festive cheer with it. It also brings out the criminals. Follow these tips to ensure that you aren't a victim of crime this festive season.
Looking for easy and natural ways to boost your immunity? Look at these tips.
If you're bored of your book club but don't have the money to go out with the girls, give the new girl's night in a try.
The easy tips will help save you money and are good for the planet as well.
This is a simple guide to help you convert colour images into stunning black and white works of art.
There is a lot of money to made from online writing, if it is approached properly. This article explains the single most important aspect of making money by wriing online.
Getting your employer to increase youir salary can be difficult but these tips make it easier
Knowing whehn to give your child pocket money is tricky - this article helps make it easier.
Unhappy employees have been proven to be less productive than their happier counterparts and thus they do not perform at their optimal levels. Improve productivity by creating an employee wellness program.
Are you so deep in debt you're worried they'll repossess your false eyelashes? There is life after debt - I am living proof.
Have you ever given serious thought to how you could apply your skills to start a small home business. If not, read on.
You don't have to stay stuck in a job you hate - this article shows how I followed my dreams.
These simple steps will get your toes in great shape in next to no time. This is best done at night.
Are you wanting to look after your nails but don't know where to start? This simple guide will help.
Need to lose weight in a hurry for a special occasion? These tips will help you look thinner in an instant.
Some more tidbits about the Vuvuzela - things you may or may not have known - including how to blow your own Vuvuzela when the time comes.
Ever tried one of those self-tan products and ended up looking like a streaked orange? Use these tips to get fabulous results
When you’re on a shoestring budget, you may feel that it’s impossible to look great and feel trendy but the following tips will get you started:
I was an insomniac for many years and tried just about every piece of advice there was. In this article, I share the tips that I found that helped and the bits of information that really didn't help at all.
As we start to come out of the recession, we need ways to perk up our beauty routines that don't break the bank. Check in your grcocery cupboard, you may already have a lot of these ingredients
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