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Hi. I am shelpeare.
I love freelance writing, music, languages, wordplay and most of all God.
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Recent pages by shelpeare

Who will win the 2010 World Cup? Life has parallels and so does football.
People have said all sorts of things about Christmas and its paganity. They end up by throwing baby Jesus out with the bath-water. The Bible answers a lot of the objections that people have about this festival as there are similar festivals in the Bible.
A look at the terms used for female animals and their young.
World Cup Football Finals, like life, repeat themselves. Let us look at first and second place finishes from 1930 onwards and we will observe the trends.
For those countries wanting to win the World Cup, there is no place like home. Home advantage means just that - advantage at home. To host the World Cup often means to hoist the World Cup, high in the air.
Did the Nursery Rhyme "Little Boy Blue" originate in the Bible? The biblical book of Joel has only three chapters and reading through them you get glimpses of "Little Boy Blue."
A Poem (though not a sonNET) – An earNEsT call to use the Net to spread the teNETs of the gospel far and wide.
Bible names tell the Bible story. Finding out what Bible names mean often adds a better appreciation of what the Bible is saying through that character.
The nursery rhyme "Mary had a little lamb" is often thought to be a totally fictitious story taught to children. However, the Bible tells us that Mary did have a little Lamb but there is a twist in the story.
A priest is supposed to be a follower of God. Why then is it that no one asks what God has to say on the subject of to marry or not to marry?
This is mnemonic in the form of an acrostic to help people organize and remember their list of sites which profit from Google Adsense.
Learning another language can be challenging at times. This is a mnemonic in acrostic form to help you remember vegetables in French.
Nine Times Tables are arguably the most mysterious and interesting part of multiplication tables. There is a fascinating way to learn and remember your nine times tables. Here's what your teacher never taught you.
Priests can marry. They do not have to remain celibate. God says so Himself. Let us look at what God says about this controversial issue.
Names stick with us for life so we have to be careful how we name children and even how we use names. It often makes for comical or even embarassing situations.
An observation on the Judges and the judged of American Idol. What's in a name and making a name?
When you cannot remember the important things in life it is time to get a memory aid. There are different methods for different people - acrostics, acronyms, rhymes, songs, association, symbols and trends. If you have ever had information at the tip of your tongue but it just cannot c...
Spelling “spells” trouble for many people. Having an inaccurate rule that governs spelling does not help. We have been told that “I” comes before “E” except after “C.” When a rule has too many exceptions it is not an exceptionally good rule. It would be interesting to ...
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