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I am currently working as a financial analyst in a manufacturing company. Traveling, cooking and blogging are my past time hobbies.
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Recent pages by Fujin

Looking at the positive side from all the negativities
All about sunsets, and bonfires, and sky lanterns...
Writing about the agony of having a long distance relationship
Just one of the many changes in the chapter of our lives
This is a poem written years ago by a loved one worth sharing
This entry talks about the pains of long distance relationships
This was a letter written for a lover, talks about the pains and hopes of entering a long distance relationship
This entry talks about the Filipinos' unbreakable spirit despite catastrophes.
This entry talks about death and the inevitability of it.
This talks about my recent visit to Manila and my thoughts and observations of the city
This entry talks about repression and resentment, especially from a broken relationship.
This entey talks about love and relationships, the failures and moving on.
Written here are my random thoughts from my life experiences.
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