Laura Paris

Laura Paris
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Laura Paris is a journalist who has been writing for more than 20 years on subjects ranging from personal finance and real estate to dieting, gardening and relationships.
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A lot of the plants that grow in the wild are poisonous. Unfortunately, some of the most beautiful cultivated plants may also be harmful to children or pets. Some tropical plants may cause an allergic reaction. When landscaping in tropical areas, home gardeners may select native edibl...
When I was young, I didn’t have Suze Orman to call up and ask if I could afford something. I received so much fan mail from credit card companies in my college days that I thought I was a celebrity. Later, of course, they would send me hate mail because I couldn’t afford to pay my...
I probably should be a little cynical about the stock market and other ways of investing, but I’m not. As a member of the millennial generation, I haven’t been investing for very long. But I plan to stay become more invested in the stock market and eventually invest in real estate...
A person doesn't need to be a culinary goddess to be able to cook delicious low-calorie meals for weight loss. To be successful at losing weight, a person has to make a lifestyle change. Learning basic cooking techniques for low-fat and reduced calorie meals can give dieters an advant...
Most people gain more weight around the holidays because they are surrounded by tempting treats as well as "food pushers" who insist they indulge. How to avoid holiday weight gain.
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