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I am a multilingual freelance writer who has articles publish on newspapers and online.
Triond: Kalista Leow
Bukisa: W. L.Leow
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Female detectives first appeared in the 18th century.
Kissing has more benefits than ever. If you want a healthier and happier life and don’t want to spend a dime, kissing is a solution for you.
The customaries of Christmas are different in Europe.
When there is no place to run, heaven is their where they run to.
All Tony wants is simply......... what we all want.
Katy Perry's second stunning album has garners seven chart topper.
GSG 9's reputation grown since the successful rescue of Operation Magic Fire.
Who is your favourite character in Indiana Jones?Among all the memorable characters, who would you love to see again in the Indiana JOnes' series?
Wikinut is a writing site like Triond and Bukisa.I joined Wikinut about a month ago and still loving it.
People said no one is vanishing without a trace yet strange vanishing occurs. What is going on? A village full of people became a ghost town. A man vanished in a moving bus. A troop of soldier disappeared within a low cloud. A boy vanished in the middle of the field.
An ancient mythology about a pair of star crossed couple.
When it is raining, Jason Donavan’s Rhythm of the rain will sing in my head, made me sway along the melody.
Fish skin turned into clothing. Believe it or not?
A love story that lasted for thousand of years. Every year they meet once on a bridge that is lining up with magpies. Love still strong even until today. Here is the story.
I have been writing on Bukisa for three months now. It is a difference experience though.
” Don’t let anyone tell you that your dream won’t come true.” I don't want to be NUMBER ONE, I want to beTHE ONLY ONE.
Everything is going organic these days. But what about those uninvited guests in the garden? How to deal with them without hurting the environment?
Bermuda Triangle has aroused a lot of curioustity for decades and still charmed scholars, thrill seeker and everyone of us. What is the charm?This is the true encounter by the author.
Artifacts + ancient history+ science fiction effects= Warehouse 13. Read more: http://www.bukisa.com/articles/371752_warehouse-13#ixzz14iGq0RMb
Simple gadget when handed to Jason Bourne, they can be lethal.
Writing is a process; it is not only a passion but also an art.
BLue morpho is an unique butterfly. The blue color of their wings are not pigmentation but iridescent.
Angelina Jolie is a brilliant actress and a fantastic humanitarian.
An outstanding actor who has roaming the movie business for four decades and he is still one of the best actors today.
TOmmy Lee Jones is one of the finest actors in the entertainment history. An outstanding actor with versatile acting performances for over 3 decades.
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