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I am a happy painter, a small time writer, a determined lyricist and a compassionate doctor.
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The song is a tribute to great Roger Federer who finds himself unsettled by recent defeats on court.Is he suffering from an inkling of self-doubt?
Does work kill? No it doesn't. It does kill a man with no work. Does work remind you of putting your head under the grinding stone every day? Do you enjoy work? Why not try when work can be fun?
Man is the only animal that laughs at others. Start laughing at yourself, you will enjoy doing so. It is a great feeling, you don't feel laughed at. Laughing at yourself helps you grow as a person. Why not try?
It is nice to read about the top 100 business women, the top 10 women athletes and the top 10 sexiest faces. It is nice to see your daughter win at school, nice to see an actor win an Oscar for best actress. It's really nice,but how much of respect do we have for such women? Do men ...
Think big and achieve big. Stop calling yourself unlucky. Put in sincere work and luck will come running to your door. Don't be ordinary, stand out in a crowd. Be one more awesome person.
Everyone of us is so good at wasting time. To waste, we needn't be taught. It comes naturally to us. Wasting time is a universal habit. We love the habit.
Feel let down? Feel betrayed? Feel dejected? Never feel low when you have lovely children around. Enter the world of a child and play 'child'. There is nothing in this world like a child. i choose, i love children.
My little article is about keeping one's job. We have few jobs and fewer employers. Lose not your present job in search for another.A bird in hand is worth two in the bush
Gossip at homes, at offices, at pubs, at malls , at cafe's, at graves, at terminals, at weddings, at birthdays, at morgues.... How disgusting. Why not try to grow ?
Stress.The word stress is uttered everywhere next to the word love. Stress is everywhere. Stressed are he, she, they... Why not try to beat stress? If you will, you can.
My small article is about looking at life, trying hard to define life. Can one define life? Do we have a clear definition? Have one? Please mail me one at your earliest convenience.
My article is about life. It is about trying to live life to the fullest on a daily basis. It is about squeezing the best out life. it is about living a life and not a lie.
A short article on kindness that is so hard to find these days. Have all the kind people disappeared? Life is no destination, but a journey. Why not show kindness along the way?
Believe in you. Believe in dreams. Realize your dreams. Keep smiling.
Man is the only animal that can smile, the only one that can laugh. You are well aware that laughter is the best medicine. Then why does this weird world have no time for fun, for laughter? What's wrong with us? When is the last time you heard a loud and hearty laughter?
Life is about enjoying your day. Day after day. Welcome every day with a warm embrace. Give and share. Let your giving and sharing be unconditional. Love and learn life's lessons. Turn your frown upside down. You pass this way only once. Why not celebrate each day? Why not celebrate l...
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