Mark Gordon Brown

Mark Gordon Brown
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Raised in Michigan, I have a son who recently joined the Military. I am living in Canada with my wife where we have a hobby farm.
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When lottery jackpots get big and are won by other people it is funny the things that the losers will say. Here are my thoughts on the lottery, winners, and losers.
Why do we celebrate Halloween? What is the original meaning of Easter? Was Jesus born on December 25? Why do we celebrate certain holidays?
If your child was bitten by a dog you might be concerned if your child is at risk for getting rabies? Can children get rabies from a vaccinated dog? How to know if your child is infected with rabies. How to tell if a dog is carrying rabies.
Do chickens make good pets? Should cities allow chickens as pets? Why don't some cities allow people to keep pet chickens? What is it like to own a pet chicken.
How many Wikinut articles does a person need to write in order to make $10 a month? How many pages does a person have to have to earn $100 a month. Can I make $10 a month on Wikinut? How much can I make per article on Wikinut?
Where do you live? What is there to see and do in your area? What do you like about where you live? What are the hidden gems for tourists to see in your area? Be a travel guide to your home town.
Why should you not feed the wildlife? Why is it dangerous to leave food out when you are camping? How to stay safe when camping in the mountains. Why some bears become nuisance bears.
How to buy things at a live auction. How to understand what an auctioneer is saying. How to bid at an auction sale. Tips for getting the best deal at an auction.
Cat and dog owners sometimes confuse their pets when they say the word "no". Pets do not have a clear understanding of the word "no" and most owners do not take the time to teach their pets what it means.
There are many virtues of eating a vegetarian diet. Indeed by reducing the amount of meat we eat we can help improve the conditions of the environment, and our health too. How much of an impact will it make if we eat vegetarian hot dogs?
Learn some tips in regards to increasing your Wikinut earnings. Learn how to make more money on Wikinut. Tips for more success on Wikinut
Many Wikinut writers have desired to add youtube videos to their articles. This has always been possible but many people are still struggling to figure out how to embed youtube videos in their Wikinut articles.
How long should my Wikinut article be? Does Wikinut have a minimum word count for their articles? Why is the moderator rejecting my article and saying it is "too short"? What is the minimum number of words an article should have on Wikinut?
Skunks can be a problem if they set up home under your house. They are smelly, can dig up your yard, and can carry rabies. Skunks belong in the wild, learn how to trap a skunk and get rid of it.
This article is to inform Wikinut writers when to use the Writing category on Wikinut and when to place their articles in another category. About the Wikinut categories.
Last week was my vacation. Although I had a week off work we only went away for a few days. My wife and I drove north from our home near Pigeon Lake, up to Lake Wabamun, then over to Hinton, then to Jasper,and south to Fort Saskatchewan Crossing, before coming home.
As a moderator I hate being slammed in the face by a wall of text. I know readers do not like it either. If a reader sees a giant wall of text they will click off the page faster than it takes to be counted as a legitimate paying view, so you lose.
Over the past few years as a Wikinut Moderator a few thoughts have passed my mind but none of them were big enough ideas to write as one article. As such I am sharing these random thoughts and ideas together as one larger article.
At one time Britain used the country of Australia as a way to "dispose" of prisoners. At first they use to just kill them, but that was seen as cruel, so they came up with another idea. It was much cheaper for criminals to be shipped to Australia than to be kept, housed, and fed, in ...
Many people consider themselves to be honest, but online they lie. Some lie intentionally, others may be thinking that what they are doing is okay, but really they are lying. Learn about some of the different ways people lie online.
Homesteading is when a person starts their own small scale farm for the purpose of living off the land, either to save money or out of environmental concerns for sustainability and self sufficiency. Here are some homesteading tips. Note that I tried to be a homesteader but did not g...
The other day I took a walk down the dirt road that leads to Battle Lake. Along the road I notices many animals. Most people who go to the park only look for deer and moose, large animals, but wildlife is all around us.
This is not a story about a woman, her children, and her attitudes, it is a story in which shy is a symbol. I do not want to give away the meaning of the story, perhaps you can figure out the symbolism therein.
Survivor is a popular reality show. In it people compete for a cash prize, they must "outwit, outlast, and outplay" the other in the game to be the sole survivor and winner of a million dollars. Each person has a different strategy in the game of Survivor, it is not a game like Ches...
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