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Nothing to say
life says i m Hell
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This is my dream which is on the girl that girl which i like the most but in last i think to never dream again , again and again .
Every person has his destiny and there are not any person who know's where his destiny is. destiny has his own road.
his beauty was like rainbow after rainy sky when i saw his black hair like black snake moving in green ground
The i like the Most she is beautiful than sun white than milk
nothing to say nothing to do i want to knew am i love you
Nobody is rich enaf to buy his past I never forget those school days i always go with my best friend
He Is Special He Is Sweet He Touches The Heart Go Deep Down And Touches
your perfect choice makes me crazy and you are never lazy
i tried hard to be free that day but i was busy in every way Last Wish
Will love you until. The waters all dry. Until the sun stops shining.
The problem of drug-addiction is lot in our world. This is not good for all of us.
Id is perhaps the greatest festival of Muslims. It is a Festival of love and good will.
Buddha was in the sixth century about 563 B.C. a son was born to Sudhodhan in a village of Lumbini.
" Time and Tide wait for none. " Be Punctual in your life.
every person go to school and in school We make new friends after school when we all goes on different paths We miss all of them.
i know you very well because and i know u miss me a lot
one day i just thought that nothing i have got. nothing i have got.
If i were a bird i fly in your room and want to hold your hand.
can not sleep because they disturb me in my dreams.
God does not come himself on the earth. He sends his angels in the form of human beings. Let us love one another as God loves each one of us and so bring peace in our heart, our home, our country and in the world.
Love is powerful than money In every human life they love with anyone this world But see this There is Lot
One time in fight a old women says that " Guru ji you have only few Sikhs and the army are coming they have in crores. So Guruji says that mataji ( mata = women ) which one you think that who is not good. Women says that, that Singh is ( which is very less health ) so guruji tell Sikh...
Guru Nanak Dev was the founded Sikhism. He awoke all the sleeping people of India through one message.
People love money, Bee love honey, Rose for dew, I love you.
Love is always there. you can see anywhere. Love is always there.
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