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Anastasia Gianniotis
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Hi my name is Anastasia Gianniotis and i wanted this job because im a college student and i really need a job.I am very hardworking and i follow directions without breaking rules.
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Greek cuisine is a popular cuisine known everywhere in the world. It is well known for its herbs and tasteful delicious food, the Greek cuisine has many recipes from seafood to meat dishes, the cooking is mouthwatering and full of wonderful handpicked herbs.
The mountain villages of Bulgaria are extremely beautiful and full of history. In the old times the villages were occupied with many people and were great for hiding from the enemy. Today the villages are populated and full with tourists every winter.
Bulgaria is a small Balcan country on top of Greece that is historical and has many attractions all over the country, from traditional music, to traditional food. Bulgaria goes all the way back to ancient times and being occupied by the Ottomans.
The sea town of Mpenitses is a beautiful little town located in the eastern side of Corfu. Its population has overgrown over the last years and its beauty has people coming more and more every year, it's a wonderful town with many venetian villas and structures left from the venetian ...
the kingdom of Thessalonica was located in Greece during the 1204-1224 13th century. It was one of the Byzantine empire lands. The kingdom of Thessalonica was a wonderful kingdom with many approaches during that period of time.
The city of Naples Italy is a very populated city with many wonders and ancient buildings to historical sites all over the city. Naples is a wonderful city with friendly local people and many tourist attractions that keeps on bringing more people with its lovely charm.
The Dimotiko is a traditional dance of Epirus that was created by the Greeks in 1821 for festivals and weddings too. These dances were played by four important instruments in the Epirus region of Greece: The clarinet, violin, laouto,and the ntefi, these are the instruments that are us...
The island of Hydra is located in the Argo-saronic region of Greece with small other islands. Its location is next to peloponnese it is a wide mountain island with many churches and one beautiful port with many fish boats and sea taxis for the near islands and the capital city of Athe...
The village of Kouklioi is located in the northern Ioannina region of Greece. Kouklioi is on a mountain top with rich green life and crystal clear mountain waters running down the waterfalls.
The island of Agistri is located in the beautiful Argo-saronic Greece which is surrounded by blue-green waters and other islands around it. Agistri is well known for its beautiful white sand beaches and wonderful modern cafes located at the beaches, it is great for tourists because of...
Kolokotroni was born on April 3 1770 in Moria Peloponnese. He was very famous for taking place in the 1821 war as a military leader. He lead the Greek army to successfully defeating the Turks and bringing piece back to Greece.
The island of Spetses is located in the Argo-saronic surrounded by other beautiful islands and green-blue waters. It is the perfect vocation spot and historic site all in one beautiful island.Spetses history goes back to 1821 with the great Greek independence leaders.
The island of Zakynthos is located in the Ionian islands and it is one of the small islands near kefalonia. Year by year its population is growing tremendously with a lot of tourism and locals too, it is great in summertime for many activities.
The total gym core trainer is the best way to workout your core in just minutes a day. It comes with a Ab scrunch accessory and the exercises are printed in the middle of the machine, it takes an old plank and makes it fun with different versions.
The islands of Dodecanese are located in the southern Aegean sea and are big islands rich in history and beauty. This Islands were invaded by the Italians in World war II to keep there weapons and other things they had.
Weider X factor ST is a great way to get in shape for summer. It's a 60 day program workout that only requires your body weight and the push up stands included just insert a dvd in your dvd player and follow along it is that simple.
Kayaking is a very popular sport, especially in summertime in Greece with a lot of tourism it has become a very popular sport. When summer hits the islands of Greece over populate with tourists coming from all over Europe to enjoy Kayaking in the beautiful waters of Greece.
The kingdom of Greece was ruled in the 1800's by king Othon of Austria and Amalia of Germany. During that time Greece was in big power and everyone was happy with king Othon and Queen Amalia. They were admired by everyone and loved by everyone and they made Greece the center of everyt...
The town of Sparta Greece is located in the peloponnese region with hidden mystery and different haunting stories that the towns people believe even today. Sparta is a town which hides a big haunting from the past which is based on a true story.
The villages of Dropoli are located between northern Greece, and southern Albania in between mountains and rivers. The villages go all the way back to the Ottoman empire and till today the village population consists of Albanians and Greeks, which both languages are spoken Albanian an...
Lefkada (Greece) is a beautiful big island located in the Ionian sea with wonderful beaches, and amazing activities to do. The island of Lefkada has many tourists in the summertime and the restaurants fill up with many people outsiders and locals. It is a very beautiful and historical...
The total gym exercise machine is one of the best exercise equipment that i ever used. Its newest model comes with the total gym training cards with the training deck with over 80 exercises and 30 pre-designed workouts you don't get bored that easily with this machine.
The region of Macedonia is very ancient and historical through all over Greece. Its big mountains and ancient burial grounds this region holds a big mystery to be uncovered. Macedonia goes all the way back to Alexander the great which had started the big kingdom of Macedonia spreading...
The Greek village of Gardiki(Souliou) stands in the Thesprotia region of Greece it is rich in history and beauty too. Its history goes all the way back to the Ottoman times when the turks concurred the region of Thesprotia.
The city of Ioannina Greece sits near the lake Pamvotis. During the 1821 Greek Turkish war it suffered a lot of hunger and slavery all around the city. During that period the people of Ioannina each one had their own business,market and they survived by trading different products to t...
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