Curt Mongold

Curt Mongold
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I like to think I am a poor man's Poe. I write to express myself in terms both honest and forthright. Well, most of the time anyways.
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Recent pages by Curt Mongold

The ways and whys of a relationship not working out can be many and varied. This is only one example of that loss.
An alliterated work of prose that speaks of the loss of a loved one to suicide and that anguish felt by those left behind.
When a loved one is afflicted with this debilitating disease, everyone suffers.
Everything I see in the news leads me to the conclusion presented here, in verse.
Observations on life are subjective, but truth is eternal. Which is which is up to the observer.
Remembering a special moment with a special someone is, well, special!! So special in fact, I had to write about it.
This is amodified quatern, in which the first line of the first stanza is repeated as the second line in the second stanza, the third line in the third stanza and the last line in the last stanza. Not as easy as I thought it would be, but I adore a challenge.
What it feels like to realize your mortality in my little world.
How I feel and what I think when I want to tell people that ask me, "Why do you write?".
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