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I am a 20 yr lad residing in Kenya.

I wish to write on basically life issues
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The article is about the behaviors of juvenile children. This article is based on a movie story thou it has been expounded for easy understanding. It has come to the notice of many that children who are taken to juvenile courts are naive and mostly innocent. The article explains how J...
This article has an aim of educating scholars on the importance of reference sources. Reference sources as we all know that it is a source of information or a document that enables one to make reference or prove a fact. The article is important in that the individuals will gain knowle...
film theater arts article is very useful to especially students who are doing their research. This is because in the article, I have thoroughly done my part hence the students who are interested wont have much to do but to get the facts from this article.
online money making has become one of the major income for many people but the challenge is that there are very few legitimate sites that are true. This article shows how many are struggling with fake sites in the name of making money online.
This page is all about who a philosopher is. The intention of this is would enable a learner to understand and know how philosophers think and deal with certain matters.
Rap and Hip Hop on spot light.This has drawn the attention of many people and to confirm this, majority of writers are running towards this genre of music. The incredible increase of this music genre is really amazing. This is why i opted to venture into it and also try to enlighten y...
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