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I want to learn everything under the sun :) I love facts and trivia.
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I am currently helping my family, I help them by paying our monthly electric and water bills. Thank God its pay day.
Its good to know the cultures of other nation and experience their cuisines and delicacies. I am going to tell you the typical way of Filipinos in making their breakfast.
What is your favorite quotation? Cite the person who said it, or the book, movie or wherever it came from :)
How does it feel to live independently? It is living without relying to anyone, living and standing with your own foot.
Any fiction book recommendations? Looking forward for your suggestions!
This is an effective way of saving your money. Try it then outrun Bill Gates!
What was the most unforgettable gift that you ever received? Who gave it to you?
Are you familar with a serenade? Is it still effective?
I have nothing to include with my today's report. I am feeling uneasy.
It is good to know that people in the world are sending their help for those Filipinos who are recently affected by the typhoon.
This is to difference these two: Ignorance and Nescience. Something that everyone should know.
The president of this company said we are spoiled. What made him to say so?
This is a poem about beginning and end. A poem that I wrote.
The poem describes an endless love. In mathematics, inverted eight is the symbol for infinity.
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