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I am 32 years old and I am from Beaumont Texas. I love to write about anything and everything. Please stop by sometimes to check out my work. Thanks
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Great tips for anyone that wants to keep more money in their pocket by using these few easy energy saving tips.
Something everyone should at least expearience once in their lives.
Some really great tips and preventions to keep from having a heart attack.
If you are single or know someone that is single, please pass the information along. Thanks.
Keys to living a better healthier life with your computer, and keys to secure your online tracks.
What you know about them and what you've heard about them is about to change!
Things that can make you a great seller if your trying to sell something. Some stratagies that may give you that edge.
Ways in which one can save money, but it is has to be a strict line between our wallets and the counter.
A FUNNY stinky poem for the world to read. Read at your own risk! lol.
Adopting a child will fill the void in your heart.
A disgusting find by a young man eating at his local McDonalds.
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