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Hello I'll keep this short I have been writing poetry since I was in high school and never really stopped. So I'll leave it up to the readers to decide if I'm any good.
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Reasons Why we should all endeavor to go to MARS from a common mans perspective
In no way do I condone the actions of the character in this poem it is merely an example that one is able to find beauty in everything you just have to know how and were to look. Continue of your own free will!
This was written as an acknowledgement to my past and as a transition into my future it is the culmination of the transition of being a solider to now embracing the new journey before me as I begin to pick my way threw life as a civilian to continue to care for my wife and those that ...
Many Druids have witnessed a increasing number of vandalizing acts and persecution upon themselves for there beliefs and upon there scared monuments and sites as of late. So with this article I will attempt to shine a light on what Druidism is and who the Druids are in modern times.
I wrote these for my wife in the middle of a Afghanistan dessert in preparation for our Druid hand-fasting on mid tour leave having absolutely no logical way of knowing if I was ever going to lay eyes upon her again.
This is the first epic I have written, I wrote this as a way to show people how the old ways should always be remembered and to teach the consequences of something so trivial as jealousy used to be handled.
I came across a form arguing whether or not to acknowledge the possibility of the existence of dragons. The following is my take on the subject and I am interested to know what your takes on the subject are.
I wrote this along time ago because I had lost myself to a society allowing myself to conform to there dictations of what norm was and was afraid to face there ridicule until I realized that was the norm to them may not be what the norm is. It is only there opinion and may not necessa...
I ended up writing down the events of this firefight because it caused me to suffer from nightmares for three months and on occasion I still suffer from them. This is a very graphic and gory piece so parents please read this before you allow your children to. For those of you still wi...
This is a question and a challenge for those of you who love to ponder and debate the very meaning of our exsitance and the exsitance of religion.
This is the truth about my situation as a America veteran during deployment and after.
This article is about Politics and American society as a whole. This is simply a observation it is not anything that you must agree with, it may anger a good majority of individuals that read this, know that this is not my intention. Read of your own free will and decide for your self...
This is one of my personal favorites in all the hundreds of poems I have written. It is meant to strike the reader at there core beliefs to make them aware of the actual reality that they live in.
Is a poem I wrote for my after seeing her for the first time after coming back from a deployment to Afghanistan while I was in the army.
A true poem that I wrote while I was deployed with the army in Iraq.
Poem about the emotional trauma of dealing with the loss of a loved one.
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