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Asghar Khan
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I am an avid reader and an exquisite writer with the thirst of learning more and more. I love to write, proofread,and above that, Translation of English to Danish and vice versa. I am earning money!
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Lady Gaga's Official YouTube channel has been suspended due to copyrights violations!
Rumor has it all. Hugh Hefner's death is just a rumor and there is no truth in the news of his death !
Facebook and Skype have taken a step to serve the users best available chat FOR FREE !
The article contains information regarding Google+ (Google Plus), its launch and how could it harm Facebook visitors.
Kvitova surprises the world by defeating the mighty, Sharapova in Wimbledon Tennis Women's Title.
The fly tells us something important about the life and what they face before becoming fully matured !
A few lines, which might not sound rhythmical but, the relationship in this poem does not need any rhyme and rhythm at all ! Was written in England before moving to Denmark.
The Obama administration is getting tougher on the health matters. For this purpose, they have created some " mystery Shoppers"!
Current news about J.K.Rowling launching a website which is termed as "Mysterious"!
The President of the United States, Barack Obama and his new activities on Twitter, the Social Networking website !
From within the society, many voices rose against US drone strikes on the Tribal Areas of Pakistan but this time, Army has spoken !
Due to the most searches in Google for Terraria, I am going to provide the link. Hopefully, it works out for you.Just follow the instructions carefully and enjoy!
Wii U has failed to attract the investors. Despite the newly launched, it is still going down just because of the unclear business !
Twitter launched the shortening of the links (URLs) feature !
Facebook and some conspiracy-theories regarding "Facebook was started by CIA"!
Latest Ratings for Top 10 Intelligence Agencies of the World !
This article talks about the Judicial Corruption in America and how the Judiciary system in America is involved in gross acts under the "blanket of law"!
Negatives of online gaming ! This article is to give some suggestions to those who are online game maniacs.
Zionists and Illuminates are heading towards WWIII!
A true incident that happened to me while a visit to a dam!
This page is to bring those out in the ground who are addicted to online games!
The article describes the benefits of a good press release for a business owner.
One of the BEST online website for writers and reviewers to make money.
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