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I've been writing poetry for as long as I can remember but only recently have I taken it more seriously, and I began posting some of my works online.
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I decided to start my picks and organize My Fantasy N.B.A Team of Current Players in the NBA, wow it's tough though, do you agree?
Christian poem about being reborn and having a renewing mind.
An idea of someone attempting to add up all of someone else and their worth ... pt1
He will be there waiting for us, we all will meet eternity one day!
Just when i thought I loved you deep, I find out that it's deeper, and deeper.
Christianity was Christianity a long time ago before Mormons wanted to combine their doctrines and journals into it.
If there was no such thing as poetry life, words and writing would be so dull.
I know I'm supposed to be dead by now but sorry death you will have to wait a little while longer.
Hopefully the ending will be a whole lot better that the beginning and the time in-between.
I wouldn't have to wait for the cold season ... I would be WINTER.
It;s an everyday fight ... Maybe I will Fight Until the bitter End!
Being bombarded with isolation, quietness and solitude. Will it cease or continue?
How strong can I Explain it To you? Can I Speak With Enough Power?
You and Me seem to capture the best ones whenever we talk or are together.
This is part 2 of the mentality of a poet, ... part 1 ...
Revelation on how Satan Entered INTO the Garden Of Eden! How did Satan ever get inside of the realm of the garden? Continued in the book "Genesis, the Beginning Of Misunderstanding"
We all have Lunacy contained until it somehow breaks free.
How to dance or perform away depression and sadness ...
From the depths of imagination on exactly the power a poet has, and just what he/she ... is capable of ...
The Stones and Rocks! Everyone trips on them, so why teach people to do them? Stop Teaching Men To Stumble and Fall ... Teach them about the Man who took away The Stones and Rocks ... and then Laid a better One! and then He became the Chief Corner Stone!
Two worlds apart. Separated by a window. I know she sees me, i know she's watching.
I never thought I'd be anxiously hoping and waiting for someone to burn me!
I think it was a dream about what would it be like if there were no birds.
I consider your ways with me exclusive and sacred ... The idea of a ritualistic relationship.
I think I like her a whole lot more than him ... He is just soooo cold and chilling.
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