Jara Matan

Jara Matan
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37yr old single father. Over a decade experience in supporting Learning Difficulties and Supported Living. Extensive knowledge of modern history(1880-1965) in social, political and military aspects.
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My views of the political campaigning for 2015 general election.
A short verse on some less admirable aspects of human behaviour.
A quick rhyme for this special time of year.
Not a very nice one but I was told to write what I feel.
I don't have a lot of luck in life and it's made me pessimistic and negative but I'm willing to take help anywhere I can. Sometimes someone will go beyond all reasonable expectations to help me and I have always been grateful when they have. But sometimes the best of intentions can be...
My professional life is going well, unfortunately life is like a seesaw and my personal life goes down to counterbalance the achievement.
Life has a tendency to knock me down more and more frequently. My words are merely a reflection of the uncontrolled turmoil I have to deal with when my depression gets deeper.
A funny poem inspired by my young step-sister's insistence on talking to me at times like I'm one of her children. Gone are the days when she just quietly followed me around doing as she was told, and I'd tease her when I was bored.
Spawned from a sarcastic comment to a friend after an unexpected and unavoidable sequence of misfortune.
Metaphorical description how I feel when suffering a bout of severe depression.
Personal experience of severe depression. Split into 4 pieces, the first gives the key facts regarding depression, the second part deals with my own experience. Third part covers my recovery and the fourth deals with my future view.
Explanation of methods of creating snacks and light meals with cannabis for medicinal application.
An outline of the methods used to cook desserts and sweets with cannabis for medicinal users.
Contesting and calming the fears associated with voting for Scottish independence in the upcoming referendum.
Third part of guide to cooking with cannabis. Basic methods for cooking main meals with cannabis to use as a medicinal application.
A summary of the Grand Bunker museum in Ouistreham which played a part in the Atlantic Wall defences and D-Day.
2nd instalment of the methods used to include cannabis in various recipes for alleviation of medical symptoms and conditions.
Visit to Pegasus Bridge Memorial in Normandy on D-day tour. Includes items of interest and encourages interested visitors.
Is an outline the methods used to create alcoholic tinctures with cannabis and how to add to milk and butter for consumption for medicinal applications. Is not promoting or condoning breaking the law or recreational drug use in any way.
Visiting the memorial at Caen while on a D-day tour holiday. What the memorial offers visitors and reasons for visiting.
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