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Aspiring writer. Positive and hopeful attitude. Always willing to make new friends.
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Recent pages by Lynne

Just an offbeat, humorous short-story on the perils of victims of a certain crime act.
A short poem with moral lessons attached. The danger of recklessness, over-confidence, naivety.
If you could see or imagine what God's Heart is like, would it be like this?
A simple recipe for an Asian food, Ginger Chicken With Dried Chili
Looking at scars and see the stories behind them. Discover the beauty contained within.
Just a short entry into a personal diary. Topic: Smile
Just a short humorous story on people and what kind there are.
Good manners and politeness in social gathering, specifically when making interruptions,
Simple tip to help you in your writing endeavor: try Googling. It helps more than you think.
Maintaining a healthy life is of course important, and what everyone wnats. Here are some simple and easy tips to stay healthy
The health benefits of ginger. A recipe for home-made food, Asian style.
A recipe for home-made rice porridge, a nutritional food as well as easy to cook.
Vegetables are good for your child's health. But sometimes, the child would not want to eat his or her vegetables. Here are some suggestions on how to cook or prepare vegetables which your child wants to eat.
Some suggestions for indoor activities especially when you're unable to leave the house.
A list of my favorite children's classics, written by some of my favorite authors. There are many, but this is just my Top 10.
A small tribute to Randy Travis, a Grammy Award-winning country singer
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